Thank you for your interest in our Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP), a no-cost preschool program for four-year-old children. 

Currently, we are fully enrolled. Children are enrolled based on their family income with most eligible children first. If you would like to apply to be on the wait list, please come in to pick up a printed application packet or email Ms. Ford for one to be sent to you.
please contact Ms. Karla Ford with any questions 734-535-6567



I want the best for my child- a wonderful booklet produced by Wayne RESA-Family Success Book

check out the Great Start website for valuable information




Our educational philosophy as it relates to young children. We believe that students are individuals with unique characteristics and interests. We believe that students should have an equal opportunity to learn, based on their needs, interests and abilities. We believe that students learn best when content is relevant to their own lives. We believe that students learn best in an environment that is pleasant. We believe that the role of the teacher is primarily that of a facilitator of learning. We believe that students learn through their work, which is to explore the surroundings around them.



Parent Resource Guide

GSRP Income Eligibility

GRSP Application